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Catalog Adult Theft/Shoplifting/Impulse Control/Larceny & Bad Check Classes

Choose from a variety of adult theft, shoplifting, impulse control and bad check classes. (Impulse Control class is theft specific.)

Catalog Juvenile Theft/Shoplifting/Impulse Control/Petit Larceny Classes

Juvenile Theft/Shoplifting classes. The student will read through several chapters. Certificate activated upon completion.

Catalog Anger Management Classes (8, 10, 12 hour)

The Anger Class is designed to help participants understand anger. An 8, 10 or 12 hr class. Certificate activated upon completion.

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Catalog MIP Alcohol - Rethink-a-Drink (4 hour class)

An alcohol awareness class for minors cited for Minor in Possession/ Consumption of Alcohol or have had a school related alcohol violation. An education/awareness class ... not intended to be a treatment program.

Catalog Tobacco / Smoking Program

The underage tobacco program is designed for juveniles who have been caught using tobacco products. This progam is approx 1 hour long and has you look at your thinking and behaviors. This program is not a quit smoking program, it is designed to give you new information and made a informed decision.

Catalog Curfew Class - Juvenile

For people under 18 who were involved in a curfew violation. A 2 hr. class. Certificate activated upon completion.

No classes available.