Tobacco / Smoking Class

Approximate Length: 1 hour

This one hour tobacco course is designed for youth who are cited or being disciplined for possession of tobacco / underage smoking.

This is not a quit smoking program.
This program does not attempt to tell the student they must quit smoking.

Course Objectives

  • a) For the student to gain a understanding of the tobacco laws/regulations.
  • b) For the student to be aware of what works and what doesn't when someone chooses to quit.
  • c) For the student to think through his/her attitudes, values and beliefs about abiding by the law or not.



Completion of this course (all lessons must be passed or completed) will earn credit towards the following certificate(s):

  • Juvenile Tobacco Use


Title Status
1. Tobacco Introduction Not Enrolled
2. Tobacco Myths Not Enrolled
3. Tobacco and You Not Enrolled
4. Tobacco - Thinking of Others Not Enrolled
5. Re-Thinking Tobacco Laws Not Enrolled
6. Tobacco - What Doesn’t Work Not Enrolled
7. Tobacco - What Does Work Not Enrolled
8. Tobacco - Thinking It Through Not Enrolled
9. Tobacco - Final Exam Not Enrolled
Lessons in this class must be completed in order.


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