The Anger Class (8 hr)

8 hours

The student will read through seven chapters. Each chapter is followed by a quiz which must be completed/passed before proceeding. The class ends with a final exam. A Certificate of Completion is available immediately upon completion.

Course Objectives



Completion of this course (all lessons must be passed or completed) will earn credit towards the following certificate(s):

  • Certificate of Completion - Anger 8 hr

LEARNING OBJECTS INCLUDED - eLearning and Live Training

Title Status
Anger Introduction os Not Enrolled
About Anger Not Enrolled
Anger Myths Not Enrolled
The Anger Emotion Not Enrolled
Anger Behaviors Not Enrolled
Anger Strategy Not Enrolled
Anger Techniques Not Enrolled
The Answer Not Enrolled
Anger Final Exam Not Enrolled
Lessons in this class must be completed in order.


Assertiveness Education Resource - 2.11 MB: PDF format.


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